Posted by Mitchell H. Kirsch 4 September 2009

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About Cubicles.com

For any office project on any scale, Cubicles.com has it all – ten years of long experience in the field, an almost endless selection of office cubicles and accessories, and fresh ideas from our portfolio that we can put to work for your own workspace.

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We cater to every style and budget, carrying remanufactured cubicles and brand-new cubicles, as well as pre-owned cubicles.

To make your life easier, we supply every accessory and accoutrement for your cubicles. Stock parts for common models are also available. And we don’t stop at cubicles.

Cubicles and so much more. We offer great value on ergonomic office seating, filing and storage solutions, conference rooms, reception areas, and executive suites.

Covering everything from a “quick & simple” desk to a fully customized conference table with all the bells and whistles, we’ve spent years garnering relationships with the best in the industry, across the globe.

Value-added Services. To add further simplicity to your project and eliminate the trouble of managing multiple teams, Cubicles.com provides the following “Headache Saver” Services:

Cubicles.com serves Fortune 1000 and growth companies worldwide. View our portfolio to see how we’ve served companies like yours.