Selecting a Mesh Office Chair – Pros and Cons.

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The mesh office chair is becoming more and more necessary in the modern breakneck-paced office. But just as even the most advanced office computer can become a liability if badly-selected, the process of choosing a mesh office chair becomes ever more important: you can’t just leap into it blind.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to help your selection process along.

DO test drive that mesh office chair. No mesh office chair is perfect; the flaws aren’t usually evident in the first ten or twenty minutes of testing, much less just looking, at the chair in question. So don’t just “eyeball” it, or rest your hindquarters and call it a day.

Put that mesh office chair through its paces: Ask yourself first how long you’ll be sitting in the chair. The length of time you’ll spend in that seat will determine whether you need additional padding. Mesh seats are cool and comfortable, but extended use can stress the tailbone, causing pain and numbness over time.

DON’T settle on the first one you like. Have several different models to choose from, when selecting a mesh office chair. You’ll get a good idea of the varying quality of mesh office chairs in the market, and in the process, you’ll also discover what qualities you prefer in a mesh office chair.

You’ll probably choose a mesh chair that provides a balance between comfort and support. Some workers will prefer mesh seats that make your hindquarters feel like they’re floating on clouds; others will prefer stiffer padded fabric or leather seats with a mesh back.

DO think long-term. Mesh chairs don’t wear as well as leather or fabric chairs; mesh chair manufacturers have to choose between soft mesh that sags quicker, or stiff mesh with lower comfort. Herman Miller has managed to hit the right balance with its Aeron chair, as it uses a Pellicle mesh that combines softness with durability. (It helped that the Aeron’s ergonomic design won it raves in the workforce.)

DON’T neglect adjustability. Any ergonomics enthusiast will tell you that mesh seating alone won’t make your chair comfortable – adjustability counts. As we’ve noted before, you’ll need to adjust different elements of the mesh office chair to ensure they fit you and you alone – armrests, seat height, seat depth, backrest, and lumbar support.

Feb 8, 2013
8:18 am

Mesh office chairs make your office attractive. I always prefer these kinds of chairs.

Apr 4, 2013
8:53 am

In this blog, you have described about mesh office chair. May you explain what is the benefits of this chair in my office.

Apr 23, 2013
1:26 pm

Hi, Biomorph adjustable computer furniture.

A mesh office chair would provide comfort and breathability. The enhanced airflow characteristics of mesh office chairs is what makes them so popular.

If you want to read more about office chairs in general and mesh in particular see ‘Materials For Office Seating – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.’ and ‘Four Smashing Office Design Upgrades for your Workplace.

Oct 21, 2015
4:40 am

now a days most people prefer mesh office chair for own home or office because this is comfortable & stylish than other chairs.

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