Office Desks On Steroids.

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[Image © MotoArt.]









[Image © MotoArt.]

Executives in the top echelons of business love to spend on office desks – the type of office desks that telegraph accomplishment, prestige, and money to burn.

They’ve reached the pinnacle of accomplishment, or so the thinking goes – therefore these top-flight executives need office desks that show off their newfound rank and privileges to whomever might drop by their office.

Office Desks That Make a Strong Impression. Take the C-119 Flap Desk by MotoArt pictured above – one of a series of office desks crafted from wing flaps salvaged from the Fairchild C-119 “Flying Boxcar” airplane that saw action in the Korean  and the Vietnam Wars. Now what does that kind of office desk tell you about the guy who sits behind it for a living?

MotoArt goes to extreme lengths to give the Flap Desk an intimidating impression, spending thousands of man-hours of labor cutting, polishing, and burnishing these impressive office desks, and topping them off with a 3/8″ glass top that conforms to the flap’s shape–

Customized to match the contours of the flap, it exposes the rivet detail and handsome intricacies of its construction. The legs are made of 4” x 8” architectural aluminum I beams. The legs are lightened by cutting radial holes at the top and bottom and are then powder coated for a rugged black wrinkle finish.

The Flap Desk is a limited edition office desk – after all, how many C-119s are around to provide their wing flaps, anyway? – which makes these office desks a rare but attractive proposition for executives on the rise.

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Image courtesy of Inhabitat / Mathias Schnyder

Clean and Green Office Desks. If you want a desk that minimizes your ecological footprint while maximizing your green cred, look no further than Mathias Schnyder’s mobile workspace.

Schnyder’s created a solar powered desk with a solar cell at its apex, which in turn powers an electrical outlet in the middle of the table. This encourages executives to use the desk in the sun, with laptops and phones plugged in. If you’re so inclined, you can drag this out to the patio or the office roof deck to catch some rays, and do the Earth some good while you’re at it.

As of this writing, this desk  exists mainly as a concept, so there is no news yet on the availability of these green office desks.

Image courtesy of Zira

Endlessly Customizable Office Desks. Let’s say being green or being intimidating doesn’t really fit the kind of office desk you see in your future. You do want to have an office desk that you can endlessly reconfigure to suit whatever your enterprise has to throw at you.

Look no further than the Zira – a “contemporary desking solution”, the makers call it, that offers almost limitless options for personalization. Whatever your worksurface needs and storage requirements, the Zira can be customized to meet them. You can choose from hundreds of components for any size or shape of office, over a dozen laminate finishes, 9 handle options, and storage components up to 84″ high.

Zira can even be configured as freestanding for single workstation configurations, or joined together to form multiple work groups.

Jan 16, 2011
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The MotoArt piece really is something else. It gives a whole new meaning to the term “flying the desk” (see original definition here:

The solar powered option looks neat, but I think it would be a little snug with the extra seating options to turn it into a collaborative workspace.

Daisy McCarty

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