Office Furniture: Re-used or Remanufactured?

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Office furniture being the expensive, long-term investment that it is, it behooves you to figure out how you can get the biggest bang for your office buck.

Brand new office furniture might burn you in more ways than one – you might end up paying top dollar for chairs, desks and cubicles that just won’t get the kind of use that justifies the expense. (Especially during these parlous economic times.) When your big operation cuts its workforce, what are you going to do with all that extra office furniture?

Consider alternative number one: used office furniture. With office closures being far too common these days, it’s a buyers’ market for used office furniture: barely used, and much cheaper than their brand new counterparts.

How much should you expect to pay for used office furniture? It depends on what’s available, and how much of it you need. Of course, quality will be highly variable, and you can’t expect to get exactly the color or make you want.

Now consider alternative number two: remanufactured office furniture. What’s the difference? Remanufactured office furniture comes from previously-used office furniture, but put through a remanufacturing process that strips off the old surfaces, refurbishes the structure, and refinishes the surface so the whole thing looks practically brand new – despite prices that may be up to 80% cheaper than comparable brand new furniture!     (read more)

As if that weren’t enough, remanufactured office furniture is green through and through – one workstation can divert as much as eight hundred pounds of trash from the local landfill, creating an ecologically-friendly alternative that positively affects your bottom line too.

Whether your final choice lies with reused or remanufactured office furniture, you don’t have to look too far to get what you want: provides both remanufactured and certified pre-owned office furniture. Don’t stray, and you won’t get burned.

Jan 19, 2013
4:13 pm

I totally agree, investing in office furniture is quite expensive and going for a used or re-manufactured furniture is a good option available today!

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