Pimp My Cubicle: Five Awesome Cubicle Do-Overs.

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To break the monotony of the typical office cubicle, more workers are spending a lot of money on “pimp my cubicle” one-upmanship. Blame the uniformity of the cubicle farm; office cubicles are a damned efficient way of corralling a large workforce into a single workspace, but the mind craves variety.

I don’t know about you, but when the first time I tried to pimp my cubicle, I worked with a really low budget – and cheap clods like me began with action figures. Dollies for men. Surely you can’t be a sissy if your office cubicle action figures come from the hit show Futurama could you?

ThinkGeek sells three sets of Futurama action figures, including the star-crossed duo of Leela and Zapp Brannigan (pictured above – with the awesome addition of Richard Nixon’s head in a jar!).

Moving up the budget scale, indulge your Formula One fantasies by buying a RaceChair – an actual seat from a real-live sports car, lovingly transformed into a static office chair. How’s that for a comedown? One moment, you’re a critical collaborator on Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One team, the next, you’re warming a midlevel manager’s expanding backside.

RaceChairs cost as low as $2,000, but may go for over $11,000, in the case of a seat stripped from a Lamborghini LP640 Murcielago.

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How about an accessory that makes a statement? The kind of statement that tells Chrissie from accounting that she’s not welcome to visit for another round of mouthing off about her ex-husband? The CubeGuard is meant to keep visitors out and help you stay productive – but surely there’s a less passive-aggressive way to deliver the message?

“But Mike,” I hear you say, “why settle for cheap toys when you can go all the way?” Like Jared Nielsen? The guy who transformed his cubicle into a wood-paneled, curlicued horror just for the heck of it? His justification goes as follows:

In an era of socialized information technology, there is the opportunity to re-capitalize the space and demonstrate that originality trumps equality, that shoving capitalists into socialist boxes only create unhappy socialists, and red mahogany generally kicks ass...

You must admit, that is one wide capitalist shit-eating grin.

I’ll conclude with this pimped cubicle that kicks solid ass – a camouflaged cubicle that shows those evil terrorists what’s what, while still getting that TPS report done on time.

Apr 24, 2010
10:04 pm

I always appreciate seeing the ways people come up with to fancy up their boring cubes. I particularly love the executive office cubicle with the crown molding and wood panels. You might enjoy a video I found of a really “extreme cubicle makeover” that was created by a group of engineers. I blogged about it here: http://www.sandiegocubicles.com/blog/fun-facts-your-new-cubicles-never-looked-this-good/

D. McCarty

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