Call Center Workers Appreciate Ergonomic Thinking.

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Earlier we discussed new thought on ergonomics – namely, how we’ve discovered that movement is essential to proper ergonomics, not proper posture.

Therefore, comfort and long-term protection from injury doesn’t come from knees locked at a ninety-degree angle all the time. Proper ergonomics comes from adjusting one’s chair, stretching extremities, resting one’s eyes from looking at the monitor, or standing every few minutes to avoid being locked in a seated position for hours on end.

One group of office workers is extremely grateful for this new ergonomic thinking – call center workers, who suffer a great deal from the injuries that come with bad ergonomic habits.    (read more)

Call center workers work in one of the most hazardous and unhealthy industries known to man – sitting before computers for hours on end and fielding endless phone calls cannot possibly be good for one’s health or sanity. But the rising volume of calls means that call center agents find it difficult to walk away from one’s workstation even when they must.

Which sets them up for a high incidence of musculo-skeletal disorders – wrist pain, carpal tunnel, back pain, neck pain, the works. This costs time and money, as more and more call center agents seek worker’s compensation for their injuries.

Even if they escape getting carpal tunnel, call center workers’ lifestyles are unhealthily sedentary, causing muscles to atrophy, circulation to decrease, and metabolism to lag – leading to obesity and heart disease.

Call center agencies are proactively avoiding the rising costs of staffing, by getting ergonomic furniture that both increases comfort and improves performance. It’s a great deal, despite the added expense: they find that spending a little bit more on ergonomically designed call center furniture can significantly reduce the frequency of work-related injuries.

The result? Reduced workman’s comp claims, and increased work hours and productivity. All this through ergonomic workstations that are easy to adjust, and also encourage workers to change positions often.

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