Buying Cubicles for Sale? Here’s What to Look For.

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If you’re a facility manager checking out cubicles for sale, count yourself lucky. At no other time in cubicle retail history, since Herman Miller’s Bob Propst invented the office cubicle in 1968, has stock been so high and price points so low. But how will you choose from the wide selection available in the market? Simple – consider the factors presented below.

Collaboration potential. According to a 2008 Steelcase Workplace Satisfaction Survey, making connections with coworkers represents a huge quality-of-work issue to a majority of respondents – 98% believe they require access to the right people, compared to 97% who believe they need access to the right technology and tools.

This affects your choices when checking out cubicles for sale – do your cubicles permit collaboration? Do individual cubicles have space for colleagues to come in and discuss? Do you have specialized cubicles specifically for group work, absent a readily available conference room? In a work environment where consultation is key to productivity, these may be make-or-break questions when considering cubicles for sale.

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Modularity. According to Today’s Facility Manager, modularity is becoming de rigueur in today’s modern office. “Modular interior construction is finally beginning to realize its potential,” says OM Workspace’s Mark Paul. “Many buildings use movable walls, raised floors, sound masking systems, and indirect lighting fixtures to [facilitate easily reconfigured space.]”

Modular office cubicles for sale these days offer three signal benefits: adaptability – allowing reconfiguration to serve a variety of job functions, or disassembly in times of downsizing; compatibility – allowing managers to mix and match existing office cubicles with new product from the same manufacturer; and customization – the ability to meet the needs of different professionals.

Quality Finish. The look and feel of most cubicles for sale may boil down to the finish it uses. Natural wood – even if it comes in the form of wood laminate- provides a warmer feel, while plastic laminates may look more modern (and come at a cheaper price point too!). Modular office cubicles with fabric panels offer mild noiseproofing ability. While cubicles’ low walls means that complete noiseproofing is impossible, acoustically enhanced panels are designed to reduce background noise to manageable levels.

Low Price. Low-priced refurbished cubicles for sale are easy to find, but you may be worried that buying “used” could mean compromising on quality. That may have been the case 10 years ago, but the present glut of used office furniture has fueled the stock of remanufactured office cubicles for sale – used office equipment that is put through a comprehensive remanufacturing process that involves the following steps:

  • Panel fabrics are stripped and replaced, keeping the indestructible acoustically enhanced panel core, which are stripped and repainted;
  • Overhead storage / binder bins are stripped and repainted;
  • Old work surfaces are completely replaced with new laminate work surfaces;
  • New below the surface pedestal files and electrical wiring componentry added to the ensemble.

The remanufacturing process creates office cubicles with all the functionality and durability of brand new office furniture, with prices that may be up to 80% cheaper than comparable brand new furniture!

Environmental Impact. Remanufactured cubicles for sale, mentioned above, offer a second key advantage – the remanufacturing process is very eco-friendly, using green procedures to replace and recycle parts. For example, low-VOC coatings are often used in the remanufacturing process, limiting the amount of toxic emissions released into the atmosphere.

For great examples of remanufactured office cubicles for sale that offer both low prices and reduced environmental impact, as well as great performance in the other factors mentioned above, look no further than’s wide selection of office cubicles.

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