Herman Miller: Where Green Manufacturing is Company Tradition.

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Herman Miller walks the talk where the green office is concerned.

By 2020, the company plans to minimize solid, air, and water emissions; establish a LEED silver certification for its buildings; use 100% green energy; and sell 100% DfE-approved products.

This builds on a proud Herman Miller company tradition of sustainable design and construction – its headquarters was recognized as one of the first “green” office and manufacturing complexes in the U.S., with corresponding high numbers in employee productivity.

So we’re only following in the revered Herman Miller way when we at Cubicles.com offer remanufactured Herman Miller cubicles in our product lineup.

Our remanufactured cubicles look brand-new, but have been painstakingly reconstructed from pre-used Herman Miller cubes; they’re engineered to look, feel, and work like the brand-new product!

Just look at the extremes we reach to ensure that our cubicles are made with as little impact to the environment as possible:

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  • More than 85% of our cubicle panels’ original parts are re-used. We recycle pre-used shell rails, cleaning and painting them using environmentally-friendly processes (we use a powder-coat process that emits fewer toxic chemicals), then heat-curing them.
  • Work surfaces are refinished with recyclable materials. Leftover scraps don’t go to waste – they’re used in a biomass oven that heats the warehouse, providing low-emission fuel that simultaneously reduces our solid landfill waste output!
  • The fabrics are new, but made from recycled materials like plastic bottles. Buyers have a choice of over 250 signature fabrics from Burch or Guilford. Any leftover fabric is recycled, not sent to the landfill.
  • We receive over 60,000 pounds of used furniture. Only 1,000 pounds’ worth of waste makes it to the landfill. That’s just under 2% of the material we receive!

So when we “reduce, reuse, recycle” our remanufactured Herman Miller cubicles, you know we mean it. We’ve perfected the art of stripping down indestructible cubicles, refurbishing them, and rebuilding them into a product that’s better than new – better, because they’re cheaper and make a minimal impact on the environment!

Hey, Herman Miller started it. Who are we to buck tradition?

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