October is National Ergonomics Month!

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Since 2003, October has been celebrated as National Ergonomics Month (NEM), since being designated by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES). NEM is intended to promote ergonomics issues to executives, students, and the general public, by spreading information and services to the community.

This year’s slogan for NEM is “A Time for Teaching, Learning, Networking, Service, and Fun!” Because we all know that ergonomics is a barrel of laughs. Seriously, I’m surprised nobody’s discovered the comedy potential of carpal tunnel syndrome, I’m smiling just thinking about it.

October really serves as a kick-off month for National Ergonomics Month’s outreach activities. Ergonomics boosters use NEM to make presentations at schools and offices.

The list of upcoming events can be viewed at the HFES website. For example, Georgia Tech is sponsoring a Bad Design contest that highlights bad design on campus, and proposes fixes to each bad design. Ditto with the University of Illinois, which has a Bad Design contest of its own.  (read more)

You don’t have to be a college student to take part in National Ergonomics Month! Everyone’s invited to send their ergonomics promotion idea to HFES at info@hfes.org. HFES suggests the following activities for anyone who wants to get in on the act:

  • Ask your local newspaper, newsletter, or Web site if you can contribute an article to commemorate the month.
  • Organize an NEM event at your office.
  • Volunteer to speak at a local school about NEM.
  • Submit your ideas to the NEM Best Action Plan Contest.
  • Write HFES to request a speaker or NEM presentation materials.

Cap off the fun by attending the HFES 53rd Annual Meeting, in San Antonio, Texas. Steven Casey (author of Set Phasers on Stun and The Atomic Chef) will about his experiences doing outreach for ergonomics.

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