Manager’s Chair Super Deal for Summer

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If you’re looking for a sweet deal on manager’s chair furniture this summer, you don’t have to look far: is working with office chair systems provider OpenPlan Systems to offer you an executive chair with the perfect combination of features and price.

The manager’s chair furniture included in this promotion come in two levels of customizability and comfort, from a darling of office chair reviews with a more-than-standard amount of adjustability, to a day-to-day manager’s chair with a modicum of features together with a good helping of comfort.

The Manager’s Chair (model 4008) by OpenPlan Systems provides a feature-rich executive chair configuration with a surprisingly low price tag. This manager’s chair is almost completely adjustable, providing ergonomic support that can go toe-to-toe with any manager’s chair contending on the web’s office chair reviews.      (read more)

Let’s start with this manager’s chair swivel tilt with 2-1 synchro tilt control, tilt tension, and lumbar support: these features ensure that your lower back will stay in excellent shape even after hours upon hours of sitting in this manager’s chair’s embrace.

This is incredibly important, this focus on long hours – studies show that office workers spend thousands of hours sitting in their office chairs, and managers aren’t exempt: they need a manager’s chair that can take their posterior for hours on end, without punishing them needlessly.

Seat slider, adjustable back height, and adjustable arms on this manager’s chair also ensure that your other bodily parts get the same customized treatment as well. Finally, smooth glide-free motion for this manager’s chair is provided by quality engineered polyurethane casters.

The Manager’s Chair (model 4008) is handsomely engineered, and comes in both black and yellow body colors.

What about the price? We were just getting to that part – from an original retail price of$425, is offering you the OPS4008 Manager’s Chair for a low summerwide price of $199! Plus, if you buy more than twenty units of this chair, you can get this quality manager’s chair for the super-low price of $175.

Manager’s Chair (model 4008)

  • Back: 21″w x 23″h
  • Seat: 21″w x 21″d – 24″d
  • Weight: 52 lbs

A better budget option – for managers who prefer their executive chairs less feature-rich – is the Manager’s Chair (model 4019), offering basic features for an even lower price. This variant on the manager’s chair offers swivel tilt, adjustable tilt tension, and tilt lock: an adequate feature lineup for the manager on the rise! This is ideal for offices who need large orders of manager’s chair furniture; can keep up easily with this requirement.

This manager’s chair, originally retailing at $272, can now be sourced from at the low summer price of $125.

Manager’s Chair (model 4019)

  • Back: 20″w x 23″h
  • Seat: 21″w x 21″d
  • Weight: 40lbs

Do remember that summer doesn’t last forever – in this case, September 21 is the last day you can enjoy a sweet summer deal on these manager’s chairs, earlier if supplies run out. Click Here to find out how to get a piece!

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