Checklist for the New Guy: Moving Into Your New Cubicles

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So you’re the new guy, moving into a new job and new cubicles. Unless you’re the CEO’s son moving into the family business straight out of grad school, moving into new cubicles can be a frightening, intimidating process. With plenty of new faces, an unfamiliar hierarchy, and a completely different environment, easing into your new cubicles won’t be easy.

New cubicles don’t have to be a new challenge, though, if you follow the tips we lay out in the next few paragraphs.

Pay attention. Before you enter your new cubicles, you’ll probably undergo an orientation session with the HR department. Keep your ears open at this point: you want to reach your new cubicles with your head full of useful information. Find out how they do things in the office; this can give you a taste of the office politics and work environment in the space surrounding your new cubicles.

Ask questions. Wrack your brain for important, or less-than-important, questions that you may need to ask – in these few shining moments as the fresh guy in the new cubicles, you’re free to ask embarrassing questions without looking stupid. (This supervisor’s checklist might give you some ideas as to the questions you can pose.) You might ask questions about:

–    decorating and personalization rules for your new cubicles
–    employee benefits
–    sexual harassment policy
–    attendance policy
–    dress policy – casual Fridays

Make a good impression. Again, you want to hit your new cubicles running: your appearance and way of speaking can set the tone for your new colleagues’ expectations, and for sure you want people’s expectations of you to be positive ones!

Get the lay of the land. When being given the office tour, make sure you discover more about the place than just your new cubicles. Find out where the lunch rooms and break rooms are in relation to your new cubicles, and find out if there are any rules with regard to the use of these facilities.

Get to know your new colleagues. Getting to know people in your office is like breaking in new office furniture – you want to take it easy, and find your comfort level at your own pace. The people surrounding your new cubicles will have their own pecking order and an established relationship that you’ll have to ease into. Do this carefully, as a positive first impression on new colleagues will reap great dividends in the future.

Break in your new cubicles. This may be the most important step in the process – after all, you’re staking a claim on your personal space in the new workspace, and your new cubicles can, within limits delineated by office HR policy, be personalized to suit your tastes.

You’ll need to clean your used cubicles – spray disinfectant over the work surface, and clean the keyboards with a cheap keyboard cleaner gadget. After cleaning your new cubicle, go wild (or as wild as your HR permits). Remember, you’ll be spending the bulk of your working life in your new cubicles, and you want it to be as comfortable as possible.

At the very minimum, find something that reminds you of a positive memory, and put it in pride of place in your new cubicles.

With that – welcome, new guy, to your new cubicles and your new surroundings – the best of luck!

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