Why Are Ergonomic Chairs Good for You?

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When sourcing ergonomic chairs for your office, understand what you’re looking for – you need seats that can adjust precisely to each worker’s individual body proportions.

Ergonomic chairs, like other products of ergonomic design, are designed to fit the individual. A chair can be considered ergonomic when it specifically suits a worker’s body dimensions, the worker’s station, and the worker’s tasks. (Ergonomic Chairs – Features to Look For)

Because it conforms exactly to its user’s proportions, the ideal ergonomic chair provides lasting comfort, maximizes productivity, and minimizes the risk of injury. With office workers spending upwards of five to eight hours at their stations, the wisdom of investing in ergonomic office chairs becomes apparent. (Improving Office Ergonomics)

That’s why finding the right ergonomic chair takes more thought and effort than usual. But the effort really pays off.

Ergonomic Chairs – Designed for Productivity

The right ergonomic chair is designed specifically for the
type of work performed in it, and stays comfortable
throughout its use.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has proposed
a checklist that evaluates the ergonomic benefits of
an office chair. (OSHA.gov) Ergonomic chairs must meet all
of the following criteria:
Backrest should support your lower back
Seat pan dimensions should fit the specific user
Seat front should not press against the back of knees and
lower legs
Seat is cushioned, and rounded at the front with a “waterfall”
Armrests are optional – but if used, should support both
forearms and not interfere with movement.
In the long run, the right ergonomic chair pays for itself, by
increasing office morale and eliminating repetitive-strain
injuries that result from poor posture and inferior-quality
chairs. (Choosing the Right Ergonomic Chair)
Ergonomic Chairs from Cubicles.com
At Cubicles.com, our ergonomic chairs are built with features
that promote good posture and provide maximum
comfort. Our ergonomic chairs are meant to provide years
of comfort and service
Cubicles.com’s selection of ergonomic chairs includes highend
$600 Herman Miller chairs and lower-cost seats alike in
the sub-$200 range. Think of our ergonomic chairs as an
investment that pays off in reduced strain and increased
productivity for your workforce.

Apr 20, 2010
1:39 am
#1 Amy Jones :

It’s rightly said, No two people are exactly alike. So why try to conform your unique shape to a one-size-fits-all chair? So the perfect ergonomic chair is, to fit the human body’s natural posture.

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