The New-Cubicles Look for Less

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New cubicles are easy to get for any size workforce, but a middling office supply budget is hard to reconcile with a large requirement for new cubicles. If you have a large-ish office you’d like to stock with new office cubicles, that presents a problem.

The high cost of new cubicles, for one thing, can put a damper on your dreams of new office furniture domination. To take an example, new Herman Miller Eames shelves may cost you upward of $3,000 a unit. Extrapolate that to other new Herman Miller products, and you might end up spending a pretty penny and not yet furnish the whole office! (Imagine that – you blow your whole budget on new cubicles and you only have enough just for the sales department.)

The trick is knowing where to save costs – buying new cubicles manufactured from virgin resources may not be a wise move. But dumping new cubicles doesn’t mean that you compromise on quality – not all cost-conscious options are quality downgrades. Used cubicles can be just as effective – looks- and function-wise – as new office cubicles. You just have to know where to look.   (read more)

Used cubicles with that new-cubicles look. Buy used cubicles from a trusted dealer, and you’ll find your whole office stocked with furniture in a flash. Many businesses, when going out of business or moving locations, don’t take their cubicles with them when they go. With an ample inventory to choose from, you’ll likely find old cubicles with the new cubicles feel very easily from a supplier you can trust.

Unlike used cars, cubicles aren’t usually let go because of wear and tear. So it’s relatively easy to set a high bar for quality even when you’re perusing the used cubicle inventory. In fact the standards are much the same compared to those of new cubicles – durability, price, and function are just as important, and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Thinking about the like-new cubicles’ color, for example, will get you brownie points in the future for productivity and sensitivity to your employees’ needs. As with new cubicles, the wide selection of used cubicles means you aren’t lacking for choice in the color, style, or design department.

Buy new – but in bulk. You may still get the new cubicles you want, assuming you have a large enough order that can justify a lower unit cost. Many office furniture suppliers will be happy to bend backwards to meet your large order for new cubicles – you just have to ask nicely.

Just a word of caution – make sure that the new cubicles – or the like-new cubicles – that you select fit the workforce you have. New cubicles for secretaries or managers need to have more storage space and more capacious cabinets. New cubicles for sales or reception, on the other hand, require more desk space or space for phones.

Any new cubicles you select should also be scrutinized for their effect on the spaciousness of the work floor. Some cubicle walls need to be low, in order not to block the view of a window.

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Dec 26, 2010
9:56 am

That’s true about the pricing on new cubicles being negotiable. Just like with cars, each office furniture dealer sets its own pricing. They’ve got a little wiggle room and may be more than happy to give a discount for a large order – especially near the end of the year when they want to boost their numbers for the final quarter.


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